To advance the art and science of healthcare.

At the CNU College of Health Sciences, we believe:

  • A career in the field of healthcare begins with rigorous study of core sciences such as biology and chemistry.
  • Education in the health sciences must empower students to apply quantitative methods and critical thinking to the practice of healthcare.
  • The study of the humanities and social science disciplines helps to develop strength of character and the interpersonal skills essential for work in healthcare fields.
  • Community service projects and independent scholarly research foster success by providing students opportunities for real-world application of concepts and theories learned in the classroom.

California Northstate University (CNU) was founded in 2007 by a group of visionary leaders to meet the needs of our communities. The success of the College of Pharmacy led to the establishment of the CNU College of Medicine, and then the launch of the undergraduate College of Health Sciences in June 2015. All three colleges emphasize education, partnership, and scholarship.

Based on today’s local and national demand for undergraduate education in the health sciences, the College of Health Sciences operates as a unique health sciences program dedicated to educating, developing, and training individuals for a successful career and to meet the requirements of most professional health schools.

It is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome you to the College of Health Sciences (CHS) at California Northstate University!

Students come to the CHS with a deep desire to learn about the healthcare field and to prepare for a career that is as rewarding as it challenging. Some students want to be physicians, pharmacists, dentists, psychologists, healthcare administrators, or some other type of healthcare professional. Other students may not know exactly what they want to do at when they enter the College of Health Sciences. Instead, they want to explore which careers might be a good fit.

Ours is diverse community of students, each on his or her own path, and our curriculum is designed to provide a breadth of understanding about the many different pathways available to each student as well as the art and science of healthcare.

At the College of Health Sciences, we strive to develop the total “you” and to prepare you for your new adventures in the world of healthcare. Our faculty and staff are here to make your journey toward a career in healthcare a reality. Our goal is to provide a rigorous learning experience filled with opportunities for success, for personal and professional growth, and to prepare you to move forward in the career you want.

Again, welcome to the California Northstate University College of Health Sciences. We are excited you have chosen to begin your journey with us.

Rose Leigh Vines, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Health Sciences


Phone: 916-686-7300




California Northstate University
College of Health Sciences
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