Assistant Professor of Biology & Biotechnology

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Postdoctoral Scholar, The MIND Institute - University of California, Davis , CA, USA

PhD, Biotechnology – Applied Sciences, The American University in Cairo – Cairo - Egypt

MPH, George Washington University , DC, USA

                                                   M.Sc., The American University in Cairo – Cairo – Egypt

                                                   B.Pharm., Ain Shams University – Cairo – Egypt



Dr. Reem Al Olaby received both her Masters and Doctorate degrees from The American University in Cairo. Her research project's focus was on identifying drug leads against both Hepatitis C Virus and Malaria. To implement this project, she established collaborations with Scripps Research Institute (CA), Caltech (CA), UC Davis (CA), Johns Hopkins University (MD), Rutgers University (NJ), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (CA), Stanford University (CA) and Institute Pasteur De Lille in France. She received training in some of these institutions and conducted all the research there. Her research project resulted in several peer-reviewed publications and 3 USPTO patents. Furthermore, Dr. Al Olaby obtained her Master's in Public health from George Washington University. In addition, Dr. Al Olaby got her Project Management Professional Certification (PMP(r) ) from Project Management Institute.

Dr. Al Olaby joined Qatar University (Doha/Qatar) as a postdoctoral researcher and worked on determining the effect of treating triple negative breast cancer cells with phytochemicals in addition to the impact of stress hormones on the metastasis of breast cancer. Dr. Al Olaby then joined Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (Doha/Qatar) as a postdoctoral researcher working on Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorder. In addition, she helped in establishing the community outreach programs that aims at bridging the gap between scientists and the public. She was also the project manager for QBRI's part of the Cancer Biology and Therapeutics Program which was a partnership between Harvard University School of Medicine and QBRI.

Dr. Al Olaby then joined UC Davis MIND Institute as an NIH funded postdoctoral fellow in The Autism Research Training Program where she worked with Dr. Flora Tassone and Dr. Randi Hagerman as the mentor and co-mentor respectively. Her work with them focused on the genetics and epigenetics of ASD and Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) in addition to the genetics of Fragile X-Associated Tremor and Ataxia Syndrome. Currently, Dr. Al Olaby is maintaining this collaboration and is continuing to work on the epigenetics of FXS and ASD, the correlation between FXTAS and cancer and pharmacogenetics projects.

Dr. Al Olaby's research interest lies in merging her experience in drug discovery with her training in the neuroscience discipline. She aims at developing a library of drug leads that can target neurodegenerative disorders that are based on proteinopathies and alteration in the protein stability system.

Dr. Al Olaby is a big believer in what Louis Pasteur once said "Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to the humanity and it is the torch which illuminates the world!"



Assistant Professor of Math and Physics








Assistant Professor of Science and Technology Studies
Humanities and Social Sciences Department Chair



PhD, Science and Technology Studies, Virginia Tech
MS, Science and Technology Studies, Virginia Tech
MA, Literature, Northern Arizona University
BA, English, Virginia Tech


William Davis received his first degrees in literature, but his interest in philosophy of technology led him to pursue his doctorate from Virginia Tech in Science and Technology Studies (STS). Dr. Davis's work focuses on speculative ethics of emerging technologies, object-oriented ontology, bioethics, as well as post- and transhumanism. His dissertation elaborates what he describes as an "un-disciplined" philosophy of technology that is accessible to more than a small cadre of academic philosophers and is responsive to the increasing complexity and diversity of human-technology relationships.

Dr. Davis teaches courses in philosophy (PHIL 310), communication (COMM 110), humanities (HUMN 210), and sociology (SOCL 410). He also coordinates pedagogical training for peer-assistant tutors (COL 590), and leads COLL 510 and 520, the Health Professions Seminar series.

His current interests and work involve incorporating social epistemology into an undergraduate health sciences curriculum. In terms of research, he investigates the philosophical and social implications of emerging health science and technology. He is developing projects that invite CHS students to contribute their ideas and perspectives through various media including written formats, audio podcasts, and video.

Lecturer of English



Doctoral Student: Post-Secondary and Adult Education, Capella University
Post-Master’s Certificate in College Teaching, Capella University
MA Education Administration, Santa Clara University
California State Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, Santa Clara University
BA English, San Jose State University


Mrs. Wise has been teaching English composition and literature for over twenty years in grades K – College. Mrs. Wise has also served in a variety of administrative roles including elementary and high school principal, curriculum development, online course design, program management/evaluation and WASC accreditation/UC and NCAA eligibility certification. Mrs. Wise has given numerous presentations on applying adult learning theories to instructional practices. She currently teaches Critical Thinking and English Composition, both online and on campus, at University of Phoenix in Sacramento, and serves as an academic advisor for two local non-profit education organizations.



Adjunct Psychology Faculty



PhD in Psychology, University of Queensland
MS, Science and Technology Studies, Virginia Tech
BA in Psychology, California State University, Sacramento


Dr. Cassandra Perryman began her career working as both a mental health worker and OSHA training specialist. After developing both a mental health advocacy program, and a full employee training and safety program she decided it was time to get a University degree.

Dr Perryman completed her bachelor in psychology with a minor in law in 2009. By the time she finished her undergraduate degree, she had three publications. The first in the field of psychometrics and the following two in qualitative perspective of the In Home Support Services Program of Sacramento County. In 2010, Dr Perryman left for Australia to commence her PhD at the University of Queensland. Both research and teaching commenced in January of 2011, and Dr Perryman worked as a both a lecturer and privately funded researcher. The focus of research was the process of change and interaction of PTSD in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Her teaching was primarily in statistics and applied psychology. In 2015, Dr Perryman was awarded her PhD in Psychology without edit.

In August of 2016, family circumstances required Dr Perryman to return to Sacramento and she began work at California State University, Sacramento under the auspices of her previous professors. She has since been hired on as a part-time lecturer, and splits her time between CSUS and CNSU.

Aside from her academic life, Dr Perryman is a proud geek, animal lover, and quilter. She currently enjoys the company of her partner, three children, and three cats.




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