I chose CNUCHS for a plethora of reasons. The two primary reasons being the pipeline program and also the proximity to home. With a 20 minute drive from home I can easily live at home, so I save money on that horizon, while the accelerated program lets me finish a year earlier. That, coupled with the fact that this is the only BS/MD program on the West Coast, I feel a sense of privilege just going to the school. Furthermore, the expertise of our professors and the small classroom sizes are really enticing, because although I am a typically gregarious person, I still like a small tight-knit group of friends as opposed to being an ID number to the vast majority of my college population. 

~ 1st Year 3+4 BSMD CHS Student


Being a first year 2+4 BSMD student is full of new challenges, memorable experiences, and lasting memories. Over the past few months CNUCHS has become my new home, a place where intellectual rigor and unconditional support combine to create the ideal environment for me and my goals. 

~ 1st Year 2+4 BSMD CHS Student


CNUCHS Basketball Tournament

Although I am but two weeks into the year at this point, I have been enjoying my experience as a 3+4 BSMD student. Undoubtedly, the rigorous curriculum is already proving to be difficult; however, the positives far outweigh the academic challenges we face. So far, I am loving being a student at CNUCHS, the small class sizes provide an inclusive atmosphere that leads to close friendships being built very quickly and the ability to speak to the professors with them being aware of your existence is a huge plus.

CNUCHS provided me with the most ideal program for my ambitions and future goals. Academics are not the only thing I had in mind when choosing CNU, I was also looking forward to the smaller class sizes which I knew would provide me not only with the best learning experience, but the best friendship experience as well. I am also finding it exciting to be part of something new and amazing and look forward to displaying my school pride.

~ 1st Year 3+4 BSMD CHS Student


The atmosphere of the school is not one of competition, like it is amongst most pre-med students at other colleges, but rather one of support.  We, as students, are not fighting each other for spots in the medical school, but are trying to help one another do well and get into the school together.

~ 2nd Year 2+4 BSMD CHS Student


CNUCHS Research Day Presenters

To be a 2+4 PharmD student it requires hard work, the ability to problem solve, the desire to gain new knowledge, knowing when to get help, and balancing your personal and academic life even when the school year becomes hectic. I chose CHS for a variety of reasons, such as small class sizes, availability of the professors, and the fact that they want you to succeed, as much as you want to succeed in your desired health 
care profession. One of the best experiences that I have had at CNU CHS, is when the staff and students had a BBQ and a water balloon fight together. 

~ 2nd Year 2+4 BS/PharmD CHS Student


Mock Multiple-Mini Interview Practice


 My experience as a 3+4 CHS student is very welcoming. I was impressed with the warmth of all the teachers and staff here at CNSU. Also my classmates are very nice people and some of the brightest men and women I have met in my life. I enjoy working with these people and it makes waking up every morning worth it.

~ 1st Year 3+4 BSMD CHS Student


The small environment allows for such an intense focus on studies, while the unique environment of living with 4 other girls has made for deep and long-lasting friendships that I truly hope will last a lifetime. CHS has a truly amazing blend of schoolwork and bonding, and if you are also looking for a college life full of studying with a new family (and late night ice cream runs to reward the aforementioned studying), then I would say to definitely consider attending our little home-away-from-home!

~ 2nd Year 2+4 BSMD CHS Student



My experiences at California Northstate University College of Health Sciences have allowed me to not only grow as a student, but to also become a more improved version of myself. The rigor in the courses has forced me to become a more responsible and disciplined individual. I learned how not to procrastinate, how to gain confidence in myself as a learner - mainly by setting rules for myself. The tight-knit community here as given me a home away from home – strong relationships with my peers as well as faculty. Most importantly, in the last year, I had to learn how to be independent, how to manage my courses as well as transportation, food, security, and even friends. I chose CNU primarily because of the accelerated program; however, the world should know that CNU is a university that builds character in its students, something that I found very special as I was reflecting upon my freshman year at CHS. The 3+4 program gives me enough time to prepare for medical school, while shaving off a year. I like working hard, and this program allows me to do so. I hope to build upon the qualities that I have gained (from CNU) as a student, as a future health practitioner, and as a person, so that I can be a useful resource in the community. However, most importantly, I cannot wait for CNU to teach me more through even more learning experiences.

~ 2nd Year 3+4 BSMD CHS Student


As a second-year 2+4 BS-MD student, there's certainly much to say about how CNU has changed me, bettered me, and led me to follow my dream of becoming a medical professional. By the end of my first year, I had examined cadavers, conducted research on invasive clams and displayed it in a symposium, and gained extensive knowledge relating to the health sciences. CNUCHS continues to give me opportunities ranging from being undergraduate student body president to meeting and welcoming incoming students as an orientation leader. Being a 2+ student, the fast transitions are endless, but I only notice how the experience helps me grow as a person, and work towards success. 

~ 2nd Year 2+4 BSMD CHS Student


Sample collection at the American River


Life as a CHS student is pretty similar to the life of any other student - Early mornings, traffic, classes, studying, cramming, quizzes, exams, and something entirely universal to us all - stressing and gallons of coffee. Yet CHS offered something I never seemed to find amongst the daily hustle of every other college campus I visited as a high school senior, a sense of family. I know it seems a bit odd, but that's what CHS is to me, family. Coming in every morning, I know each person on campus on a first-name basis, professors are always around and ready to help, you take almost every class with the same group of friends. Overall, everyone is going through the exact same thing you are, but instead of beating each other to the finish line, we're lending one another a helping hand and walking to that finish line together. Yes, most of us have glasses and our noses are dug deep into books, but we also find ways to have some fun!

~ 2nd Year 3+4 BSMD CHS Student


My interaction with the faculty has been amazing! All the faculty are easy to approach and show genuine interest in helping students reach their goals. They offered good advice and reassurance.

 ~ 2016-2017 PMPB CHS Student


CNUCHS Students and Faculty at the Research Day Award Ceremony


Wonderful. I have never been at an institution where I have felt so respected and cared for. I look up to all of my mentors and am pleased I was able to establish a connection with each of the faculty as they are all amazing contributions to this school in their own unique way.

 ~ 2016-2017 PMPB CHS Student


All the faculty members are very supportive, approachable, and encouraging of our goals. They understand the struggle of applying to medical school and have been willing to accommodate individual needs consistently. I especially appreciate their generosity in accommodating my health circumstances and supporting me to the end. Whether it be for school or just to talk, they had an open door and that was something I really appreciated. They truly cared about my successes and always had my best interest at heart! So, thank you professors!

             ~ 2016-2017 PMPB CHS Student


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