Our Staff

Katelyn Shields, MFT


Email: Katelyn.Shields@cnsu.edu


MS, Counseling Psychology, National University

BS, Political Science, California State University Sacramento


Katelyn is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She earned her M.S. in Counseling Psychology from National University and her B.S. in Political Science from CSU Sacramento. Additionally, Katelyn has completed a concentration in International Relations and African American Studies. Katelyn has worked with children, families, and adults from diverse back-grounds and cultures, as well as individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and those on the Autism Spectrum. She has provided psychotherapy at Visions Unlimited, worked at the Gender Health Center, and worked in an acute psychiatric hospital, providing case management and referrals for patients.

Angel Jimenez, Jr

Admissions Recruiter

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


BS, Business Administration and Management, University of the Pacific


Born and raised in the Central Valley, Angel attended the University of the Pacific to earn a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management with an emphasis in Marketing. Having established deep roots in the community and a passion for education, Angel served as an elected official for the Stockton Unified District School Board. He continues to be an advocate for high school career and college pathways and supports programs that are student centered and driven. Currently he serves on the board for the Stockton Homeless Shelter, Good Government and United Way.

Sara House

Senior Coordinator of Health Professions Advising

Email: sara.house@cnsu.edu


BA, Psychology, California State University
MS, Counseling, California State University


Sara graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor in Psychology. As an undergraduate, she was involved in researching the effects of exercise on working memory decay. She continued her education at Sacramento State and received her Masters of Science in Counseling, where she worked with first year students and student athletes. After graduation, she served as an academic advisor at Sacramento State. In May of 2018, she joined the College of Health Sciences family as the Senior Health Professions Advisor. In her spare time, you can find Sara eating sushi, or playing with her Australian Cattle Dog, Stella.


 Casey Cassady

Administrative Assistant

Email: Casey.Cassady@cnsu.edu


AA, Liberal Arts

BA, Communication





Katie Caswell

Biology Laboratory Technician

Email: Katie.Caswell@cnsu.edu


Katie received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Sacramento State, with an emphasis in forensic biology and a minor in chemistry. She continued her interest in forensics at UC Davis, where she received her MS in forensic science, focusing her research on a novel technique to recover perpetrator DNA from the skin of sexual assault victims. While at Davis, she managed the Forensic Human Identification Lab, organizing labs and assisting in research. Katie presented her research at the annual American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting in Seattle, WA in and at the California Association of Criminalists semi-annual meeting in San Diego in 2014.


John Su

Biology Laboratory Technician

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


John attended Los Rios community college, earning an A.S in Biotechnology, before transferring to California State University, Sacramento – where he earned his B.S in Biology. While attending school, he worked with Biology Education to Careers (BETC) with the purpose of educating and influencing children from regional high schools in the greater Sacramento area about biology. Currently, he serves as a Board of Advisor for the Sheldon Biotech Academy.

Allen Wong

Chemistry Laboratory Technician

Email: Allen.Wong@cnsu.edu


BS, Cell Biology, University of California, Davis


A fairly frugal nerd who enjoys (in no particular order) stereotypically geeky things (e.g., board games, model kits, comic books), learning cool stuff (e.g., odd/interesting facts/words, history [esp. Civil War and WWII], philosophy, Japanology), hiking/camping, traveling, trying different foods/snacks, comedy, and making people laugh (ironic; he’s usually shy/serious). Once a writer/artist/own harshest critic (still is)/aspiring comedian(inspired by Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, and Gabriel Iglesias, among others), but now simply seeks to brighten days in any way he can. Make no mistake, though, he can buckle down and be strict when there is call for it…






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