When did your pre-medical post-baccalaureate (PMPB) program start?
The first class of PMPB Program students started in August 2015.  The College of Health Sciences has admitted students each term since then.

What are the benefits of the PMPB Program?
The PMPB program enriches student knowledge in advanced science and social science courses; prepares students to take the MCAT, provides assistance with personal statements needed for professional school, provides mock interview sessions, and provides invaluable interactions with the CNU’s College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy faculty. Students have participated in research, professional development workshops, and attended many events, such as guest lectures and community events, typically reserved for the professional students.

Do I have to take the MCAT Intensive Review scheduled in the summer term?
We recommend that students who plan to apply to medical school take the MCAT review in the summer prior to starting courses in the fall. However, students who have already taken the MCAT exam and secured a competitive score, may opt out of the summer MCAT review. Note: Tuition will not be reduced for those opting to forego the MCAT review in the summer.  In addition, students who participate in the summer term are able to work closely with CHS faculty and bond with their peers.

Can I apply if I am not pre-med?
Yes¸ the PMPB Program is designed to assist students who are interested in attending a professional health program which may include: medicine, osteopathy, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and others.

Can I apply if I do not meet your minimum GPA requirement?
Of course you may apply even if you do not meet the minimum GPA requirements.  However, we have limited spaces in this program and those spaces are typically filled with students who have a strong academic background.  If you do not meet the minimum requirements you should supply a statement that explains your academic performance. 

I need to repeat just one or two lower division courses to improve my GPA. To which program do I apply?
Please apply to the non-degree, individual course option,

How is a typical class day scheduled?
Typically, classes are held between 9 am and 4 pm.

Do you offer a part-time course of study?
No, the PMPB Program is intensive and requires a full-time commitment. 

Do you offer evening/weekend courses?
The PMPB Program does not offer evening/weekend courses.


Do you accept international students?
Currently, the PMPB program does not accept international students.

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