Bachelor of Science to Doctor of Psychology (BS-PsyD) Pathway

High school students interested in pursuing a professional degree in clinical psychology (PsyD) can enroll at the College of Health Sciences to pursue their Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree while completing the prerequisite coursework for the PsyD program. Students will complete three years of their Bachelor’s degree on site at the College of Health Sciences and then matriculate to the College of Psychology if the necessary coursework is completed, performance benchmarks are met, and the interview passed. Students in these pathways have a reserved seat in the College of Psychology for their planned matriculation year.

Students enrolled in the BS-PsyD Pathway earn the following benefits:
• High priority for admission to the clinical psychology program at CNU
• Tuition savings due to a shortened timeline in school (3 instead of 4 years at CHS)
• Small class sizes and guaranteed course offerings each semester
• Specific learning plan for the BS-PsyD
• Dedicated and award winning faculty advisors and mentors for each student
• All students receive service learning and research experiences
• Connection to the College of Psychology faculty

CHS students enrolled in these pathways who meet the following criteria will be admitted to the College of Psychology at CNU:
• Successfully complete the perquisite coursework for the COPsy.
• Maintain a 3.2 GPA in the undergraduate program and be in good academic and conduct standing each semester
• Participate in at least one campus activity each year with the COPsy
• Submit an application through the centralized application service for graduate study in psychology (PsyCAS) and a supplemental application to CNUCOPsy
• Successfully complete the COPsy interview.

The College of Health Sciences begins accepting applications on August 1st. Get your application submitted by the priority deadline October 31st for early consideration into these competitive pathways.


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