Dr. Chris Wostenberg

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Research Interest: Structure-Function Relationships of Biological Macromolecules

Dr. Wostenberg is interested in how the structural dynamics of biological macromolecules (like DNA, RNA and protein) influence function, especially as it relates to disease states. For example, how do these biological macromolecules maintain their function under external stresses like temperature change, pH change, and variations in salt concentration. He approaches these problems from a biochemical/biophysical approach.

Students doing research under the guidance of Dr. Wostenberg will learn to purify biological macromolecules and utilize various analytical biochemical/biophysical techniques (e.g. calorimetry, binding assays, and chemical probes) to determine their structure, dynamics, and function under environmental stress conditions. In addition, the experimental work will be complemented with computational techniques such as bioinformatics and molecular dynamic simulations to further explore various biochemical/biophysical aspects of the biomolecules as they relate to disease.


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California Northstate University
College of Health Sciences
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