Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Research Interest: Computational Molecular Chemistry

Dr. Valley's research focuses on the use and advancement of computational theoretical modeling to more fully understand molecular interactions at soft matter interfaces. He seeks to understand fundamental processes of these chemical systems by use of quantum mechanical and molecular dynamics calculations to be able to improve applications in drug design, interfacial uptake and processing in environmental and biological systems, and combustion pollutant capture technologies.

Students working with Dr. Valley will learn to use computational chemistry software that will allow them to visualize the dynamics of and predict the properties and behavior of organic molecules, proteins, DNA, RNA, polymers, ionic liquids, and other chemical systems relevant to health and technology.


Phone: 916-686-7300




California Northstate University
College of Health Sciences
2910 Prospect Park Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

College Code

SAT College Code: 7669
ACT College Code: 7032