Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Director of Accreditation and Assessment
Research Interest: Assessment of Teaching and Learning; Nutritional Effects on Neural Stem Cells

Dr. Corniola has a varied research career from food and nutrition science to neuroscience and assessment of teaching and learning.

Her research experiences (including post-doctoral work at Stanford University) include:

  • Trace metals in behavior (learning, memory, anxiety, depression)
  • Trace metals in adult neurogenesis (proliferation, differentiation, and survival of neuronal stem cells)
  • Effects of reactive oxygen species in adult neurogenesis
  • Effects of irradiation and reactive oxygen species on learning and memory

Dr. Corniola’s current basic science research interests focus on how nutrition affects molecular and cellular mechanisms in adult neuronal stem cells.

As Director of Assessment and Accreditation, Dr. Corniola is interested in the assessment of teaching and learning. Her goals are to help develop methodologies and tools that effectively measure student performance and thus help the continuous quality improvement of the educational programs. Faculty use assessment data to help hone their craft in teaching and students use assessment data to scale their performance and identify areas for improvement.


Phone: 916-686-7300




California Northstate University
College of Health Sciences
2910 Prospect Park Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

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SAT College Code: 7669
ACT College Code: 7032