What does it mean to think like a scientist? For scholars at CHS, it means learning by doing to create real-world scholarship.

That is, research involves hands-on learning as much as textbooks and academic theory. Rather than passively studying what others have done, our students add to the existing body of knowledge through original creative and intellectual contributions.

CHS research also means working alongside innovative faculty to create new knowledge while building relationships with peers and the industry that will last long after graduation. The benefits of active research are many:

  • Creating new knowledge through application and deeper understanding
  • Independence and collaboration skills
  • Career field exploration
  • Scientific process explored with direct faculty mentorship
  • Innovation-oriented scholarship
  • Learning to think critically: “How do you know that?”

“Research” at CHS also spans disciplines so students prepare for their future roles as society’s contributors and leader with sharp presentation skills so that diverse audiences can understand complex issues.

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And click here for more about Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences, a CHS research opportunity.


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