2015-2016 TUITION & FEES

Tuition and fees are charged to students on a full-time, semester basis. Generally, tuition and fees are charged to a student’s account thirty (30) days prior to the start of each semester term. All tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by CNU.

Enrollment is not complete until tuition and fees are paid.

The College of Health Sciences program is not offered on a part-time basis; however, in rare instances a student may by enrolled in less than full-time credit hours as approved by the Office of Academic Affairs. On a case-by-case basis, such student may be eligible for a pro-ration of tuition.

All tuition and fees are due in full in accord with the respective notification as identified in the College of Health Science Student Enrollment Agreement.

Estimates of other educationally-related costs are provided on the Tuition and Fee pages listed above as a tool to estimate the total cost of attending the CHS degree program in a given academic year. Some of the cost estimates are calculated using U.S. Department of Labor consumer spending survey data, and may or may not be paid directly to CNU.

These estimated costs are also used by the Student Financial Aid Office to assist in determining a student’s Cost of Attendance (coming soon) for a given program year.

A student who wishes to withdraw completely from the CHS degree program should consult his/her academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar. CNU-CHS’s refund policy applies to any student who is dismissed or withdraws completely from the degree program. Withdrawal from one class does not constitute a complete program withdrawal.

CHS’s leave of absence policy applies to any student who takes a leave of absence from the program. Lack of attendance during a regularly scheduled break from the degree program, as identified on the academic calendar, is not considered a leave of absence.

Tuition and fees charged while in the CHS program are maintained on individual student accounts. Questions regarding a student’s account should be directed to the CNU Business Office.


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