Programs and Pathways

Explore the programs and pathways that CNU has developed to help you achieve your dream of becoming a health care professional

California Northstate University (CNU) is committed to preparing the next generation of health care professionals from their first college experience until graduation day. The journey at CNU can start with students enrolling at the College of Health Sciences (CHS) to work towards earning their Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. This degree program is specifically designed to equip pre-health professions students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences to establish a strong foundation for any health professions program. Students enrolled at CHS have the opportunity to complete all of the pre-requisites for any health professions program of their choice as well as bolster their training through community service learning and embedded discovery driven research experiences. Our faculty are engaged with students inside and outside of the classroom and offer dedicated mentorship to help students succeed with the rigors of pre-health professions education.

Explore all of the opportunities that the CNU College of Health Sciences has to offer!

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Program (BS)

The BS in Health Sciences degree at CHS is planned as a four year degree, with an option of earning the BS in three years. Highly motivated students interested in further pursuing professional healthcare careers should apply to earn a spot in the entering class.

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Pre-Health Professions (PHP) Pathways

While earning their BS degree, our CNUCHS PHP Pathways undergraduates can earn an interview with any of our CNU Professional Schools upon meeting the required benchmarks. PHP Pathways students are also prepared broadly to apply out to most health professions doctoral or graduate programs.

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Pre-Med Post Baccalaureate (PHPB)

The PHPB curriculum enhances undergraduate coursework and prepares students for professional schools. Our PHPB experience is geared toward students interested in pursuing medical, dental, pharmacy, and other focused health professional degrees.

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Non-Degree Seeking Coursework

The Non-Degree Seeking option allows students to enroll in individual courses to enhance or supplement their educational preparation, including selected prerequisite courses for the health sciences professions. Students have access to faculty and advisors to assist along the academic journey.

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