Quality Education

...for students pursuing a career in healthcare professions begins with rigorous study of core sciences such as biology and chemistry.

We Challenge

...our undergraduate students with a comprehensive academic program.

Our Values

Integrity, Ethical Conduct, Empathy, Inter-Personal Collaboration, Social Accountability, Civic-Minded Commitment to Service, Respect for Human Diversity.

Strength of Character

...and interpersonal skills developed through the study of humanities and social science disciplines.


Our Core Values:

  • Working as a team
  • Embracing diversity and workplace excellence
  • Caring about our students, our staff, our faculty, and our profession
  • Advancing our university, our goals, and our discipline
  • Responding to challenges that may impede Mission
  • Enhancing communication and partnership
Message from the Dean


  • 2015

    Year Founded

  • 6

    Programs & Pathways

  • 100

    Courses Offered

  • 10

    Health Science Career Paths

Why Choose Us

The goal of every CHS teacher is not merely to convey a list of facts but to transform novice students into active scholars and ultimately prepare them for life-long learning.


Francisco T. Leite, PhD

Francisco T. Leite, PhD

Professor of Health Sciences Education
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Rikki Somers Corniola, PhD

Rikki Somers Corniola, PhD

Assistant Dean of Curriculum and Assessment

Allan Ancheta, PhD

Allan Ancheta, PhD

Assistant Dean of Admissions

Rose Leigh Vines, PhD, MT (ASCP)

Rose Leigh Vines, PhD, MT (ASCP)

Retired – Founding Dean, College of Health Sciences

Damon Meyer, PhD

Damon Meyer, PhD

Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics
Science and Math Department Chair