Pathway to the College of Medicine (COM)

If you are interested in becoming a physician, California Northstate University College of Health Sciences (CNUCHS) is the place to be!

We offer premier pre-health professions education targeted to future physicians.

As a physician, you will have many wonderful career opportunities to pursue from general practice to specialization, being a medical researcher, hospital administrator, educator, and so much more.

We look forward to being part of your academic and professional journey!

Benchmarks to Meet and/or Exceed for Earning the Priority Interview with COM

  • Successfully complete the COM pre-requisite coursework AND earn your CNUCHS BS Health Sciences degree prior to COM matriculation
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • Be in good academic and conduct standing each semester at CNUCHS
  • Maintain full-time enrolled student status each semester at CNUCHS
  • Score 510 or higher on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
  • Participate in at least one professional or academic activity per year with COM while at CNUCHS
  • Submit a completed and verified application to COM through the American Medical College Application Services (AMCAS)
  • Submit a completed supplemental application to COM as required
  • Attend all CHS Annual Summer Pathway preparation workshops while attending CNUCHS
  • Satisfy COM technical standards
  • Satisfy all COM Requirements

Let the knowledgeable CNU faculty and staff help you to achieve your dreams as a health care professional today!

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