Pre-Health Professions (PHP) Pathways

California Northstate University College of Health Sciences (CNUCHS) offers the unique and distinguished Pre-Health Professions (PHP) Pathways.

In addition to strong academic preparation and embedded research and service-learning experiences, our CNUCHS PHP Pathways undergraduates also receive focused, personalized health professions academic and career advising from our academic and faculty advisors. While earning their BS Health Sciences degree, our CNUCHS PHP Pathways undergraduates can also earn a priority interview to any of our CNU professional schools:

About the Pathways

The BS Health Sciences PHP pathways begin with applying to the undergraduate program at CNUCHS and choosing either the 3-year PHP Pathway or 4-year PHP Pathway curriculum plans. When you are accepted into the BS Health Science PHP Pathways, our pre-health advisors will work with Pathways students to develop individualized curriculum plans to meet and/or exceed the required academic pre-requisites for health professions colleges including our own CNU professional schools.

The CHS PHP pathways offer the following benefits:

  • Priority Interview Status to the CNU Professional Schools
  • Tuition savings due to shortened time in school if following the 3-year BS Plan
  • Small class size and guaranteed course offerings each semester
  • Individualized learning plans
  • Embedded discovery driven research experiences and service-learning opportunities
  • Dedicated and award-winning faculty advisors and mentors for each student
  • Connection to CNU Professional School faculty

How to Earn the Priority Interview with one or more CNU Professional Schools

To earn an interview with a CNU professional school, our BS Health Science PHP Pathways undergraduates will need to meet and/or exceed the established benchmarks between CNUCHS and the CNU professional school of choice. Some of the benchmarks differ between the CNU professional schools. Review which Pathways you are seeking and collaborate with your academic advisors for additional guidance. Pathway students are not restricted to applying to only one CNU Professional School! Upon meeting the required benchmarks, Pathway Students have the amazing opportunity to apply and earn an interview with as many of the CNU Professional Schools as they are interested in!

General Benchmarks for Progression

The benchmarks set the criteria for CNUCHS Pathway students to become academically prepared to apply and hopefully attend CNU Professional Schools (including Graduate Programs). Pathway students who complete the rigorous academic and good conduct benchmarks and entry requirements of their chosen CNU Professional School shall be granted an interview at the professional school upon completion of the CNUCHS program of study.

To earn an interview at the CNU Professional School of choice, PHP Pathway Students must:

  • Complete of the CNU benchmarks and professional school pre-requisite coursework as indicated in the links below
  • Earn and maintain the required cumulative GPA for Pathway Students as required by each respective Professional School indicated in the links below
  • Be in good academic and conduct standing each semester at CNUCHS
  • Maintain full-time enrolled student status each semester at CNUCHS
  • Meet and/or exceed the minimum acceptable standardized test score for Pathway Students as required by each respective Professional School as indicated in the links below
  • Participate in at least one professional or academic activity per year offered by the corresponding CNU Professional School while attending CNUCHS
  • Submit a completed and verified application to CNU professional School application portal before the deadline published by the corresponding CNU Professional School
  • Submit a completed supplemental application as required by some of our CNU Professional Schools
  • Attend all CNUCHS Annual Summer Pathway preparation workshops while enrolled at CNUCHS
  • Satisfy the CNU professional school’s technical standards as indicated in the links below
Specific Benchmarks Snapshot

Selected Pathway Criteria#

College of Medicine

College of Pharmacy

College of Dental Medicine

College of Psychology

Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Master or Healthcare Administration

3 + 4
4 + 4

3 + 4
4 + 4

3 + 4
4 + 4

3 + 5

3 + 2

3 + 2
4 + 2

Cumulative GPA



BCP 3.1




CNUCHS Bachelor’s Degree*


Not Required



Not Required

Not Required

Standardized Exam Score

MCAT: 510


DAT: 19* & CASPer



GMAT: 500; GRE 320

* Does not apply to PHPB students
** DAT: 19 AA = Academic Average, 19 PA = Perceptual Ability
# See the individual pathways for the complete pathway benchmarks

To review the benchmarks and criteria required to earn an interview at the individual CNU Professional Schools, please select from the below options.

Even if you ultimately choose not to attend CNU’s health professions programs, the PHP Pathways coursework at the College of Health Sciences will provide you the necessary foundation and pre-requisite coursework to apply to most health professions schools elsewhere.

Let the knowledgeable CNU faculty and staff help you to achieve your dreams as a health care professional today!

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