A Message from the Dean

Heather M. Brown, Ph.D. [BIO]
Dean, College of Health Sciences

Welcome to California Northstate University College of Health Sciences (CNUCHS)! We are a dedicated team, passionate about having an impact in the world and educating the next generation of health care innovators.

CNUCHS is a highly selective undergraduate college that aims to develop students as exemplary contributors to the health care field and the world around them. Our faculty are driven to effect positive change in health science education while simultaneously benefiting local and global communities. Our College of Health Sciences challenges the best and brightest minds to learn the science and art of medicine, pharmacy, psychology, biotechnology and much more through innovation, engagement, and holistic educational experiences. 

Our approach to education is unique. To meet the needs of our students and the communities they will ultimately serve, we have developed an innovative approach to health science education that transcends disciplinary boundaries, encourages students to take control of their learning, and emphasizes student-centered design and independence. We actively involve students in our own research and scholarly projects to encourage their engagement in professional life, and to foster the creativity they will need to become innovators in their professions. Our students leave CNUCHS with a firm understanding of healthcare delivery systems - from the nuances of human needs, to the mathematics and science underlying state-of-the-art health technologies.

Through meaningful partnerships with regional community, education, and healthcare leaders, as well as CNU College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy, our students receive exceptional training and development as leaders. We continually develop transformative educational experiences with collaborators around the nation and the globe to ensure our students possess the requisite knowledge and skills to succeed anywhere.

I invite you to follow our growth and innovation in the health sciences through our student run online newspaper: www.chssideline.com or through our social media:

Feel free to reach out with any questions: heather.brown@cnsu.edu

Hope to see you around the halls!

Heather M. Brown, Ph.D.
>Dean, College of Health Sciences

Heather M. Brown, Ph.D.