Non-Degree Seeking Coursework

If you are interested in becoming a healthcare professional, or just taking a few specific courses, California Northstate University College of Health Sciences (CNUCHS) is the place to be!

We offer premier pre-health professions education targeted to future physicians, pharmacists, psychologists, dentists, and other health professions. As a fully accredited University devoted exclusively to the health sciences professions, highly motivated and goal-oriented Non-Degree Seeking students have the opportunity to enroll in individual courses to full-fill pre-requisite requirements, strengthen math and science foundations, and gain valuable guidance and support along their journey. CNUCHS promises that learning takes place with experts in the field—not graduate assistants or teaching assistants as is often found in larger undergraduate programs. This is the school with the personal touch that helps students to achieve their dreams!

About Non-Degree Seeking Coursework

Your journey to becoming a healthcare professional begins with acceptance into the Non-Degree Seeking Coursework at the College of Health Sciences (CHS). Our pre-health advisors work with students to develop individualized learning plans in order to complete the required academic pre-requisites for your health professions program of choice, strengthen foundational knowledge and enrich interpersonal skills. Non-Degree Seeking students will also have the same options as degree seeking students to enroll in upper division coursework and participate in the many workshops and co-curricular activities supporting the general student population! Many Non-Degree Seeking students find the environment supportive and interactive and ultimately end up applying to the undergraduate or post-baccalaureate offerings at CHS.

CNU College of Health Sciences offers the following benefits:

  • Dedicated personnel to help students to achieve success
  • Small class sizes ensure a one-on-one commitment for success
  • Individualized learning plans with highly qualified faculty
  • Dedicated and award-winning faculty advisors and mentors for each student
  • Discovery driven research experiences and service-learning opportunities
  • Connection to CNU health professional programs faculty

California Northstate University is among the few Universities offering professional degrees in Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, and Dentistry as well as several exciting Master’s programs including the Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Master of Health Science Administration. Our faculty and students engage across disciplines enabling students to gain a broad range of experiences in the health science professions.

Let the knowledgeable CNU faculty and staff help you to achieve your dreams as a health care professional today!

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