The Pinnacle aims to provide a supportive environment for future healthcare professionals to refine their public speaking and presentation skills. Achieving this goal through; live practice for presentations, impromptu and extemporaneous speeches, and mixed medical-interview preparation.

CHS Medical Association (CHSMA) is a student-run, community-driven organization. CHSMA helps create an outlet for students to engage in activities that span outside the curriculum of a pre-med student as well as encourages team-based activities and learning. The CHS Medical Association organizes events such as blood drives, suture clinics, guest speakers, and other medicine related affairs.

CNU Jadoo is the premiere Bollywood fusion dance at CHUCHS. We promote unity and growth among all of our dancers to not only grow as performers, but also grow in character as well. The club aims to create lifelong friendships while getting to learn new dance forms including Bollywood, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-hop, and so many others!

The purpose of this club is to get active and have fun! We play volleyball routinely at Livermore Community Park in Folsom, Mather Sports Center, and at the CHS campus.

Mannmukti at CNU
MannMukti is a non-profit organization and storytelling platform. In Hindi, MannMukti translates to mental liberation. Through encouragement of healthy and open dialogue of mental health issues, the organization aims to remove the stigma, promote slef-care, as well as improve mental health awareness.

BPSHI stands for Bhagat Singh Health Initiative. This club allows students to organize and run medical screening clinics, and provides a bridge between COM and CHS, and also provides a platform to network with students from BPSHI chapters at other universities, the community, and independent medical practitioners that precept our clinics.

Public Health Club
To promote the public health of the campus and the greater community. For 2020 we will be working to establish the CHS community garden. Our goal is to promote environmental health, mental health, and community health.

We want to create a fun and comfortable environment at the CHS campus, and to plan events for the students with the goal of stress relief, fun, and socializing. School can be very stressful and time consuming, so our club takes care of the planning and logistics, all you need to do is show up!

The purpose is to explore the functions and engineering behind 3D printing. Activities will focus on investigating the mechanics behind 3D printing and creating 3D models.

The club will be offering leisurely runs and jogs in areas surrounding the school and may expand into other activities as well.

Basketball Club
We usually end up playing every day at the CHS hoop. The main thing we do as basketball club is organize the March CHS tournament. It is a 3 v 3 tournament, here at the CHS campus. Another thing we do is work with COM (College of Medicine) to play in their tournament in April in Elk Grove.

Just Desserts Club
Relieve stress through social interactions. Learn baking techniques, improve the health of students. A club that presents students with unique opportunities to socialize while learning integral baking and decorating skills. Hold two school wide events each semester.

Foosball club
To use foosball as an activity to invigorate and excite student life at CHS! The club will hold bi-weekly tournaments for CHS students. There will be a 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and other team style variations. The club and tournaments are open to all CHS students.

Red Cross
The purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of service as well as give members the opportunity to participate in volunteer work. The club will volunteer at Blood Drives and provide disaster support. Provide community service opportunities for CHS students. Also hold health awareness and community events for students to participate in.

Pre Dental Club
The purpose of this club is to get CHS pre-dental students excited and prepared for dental school. We embrace volunteering and give back to the Sacramento Community through service and educational outreach. Students have the opportunity to interact and network with other pre-dental students and professionals. We offer DAT test prep tips, application advice, guest speakers, and student-run workshops. Partner with the CSU Sacramento Pre-dental Club.

Reduce student stress and promote academic success through practicing mindfulness. Lead meditation sessions and on and off CHS campus. Enhance student quality of life by resolving stress related difficulties. Share the virtue of living in the moment.

This is a space for students to watch different types of Anime.

This is a space for students to relax and play chess.