Career Services

CHS is where students begin their journey toward an amazing career in health sciences, and the Student Services Center is here to help them reach their goals. Specifically, Career Services in the College of Health Sciences will help students:

  • Identify, assess, and understand their competencies, interests, values, and personal characteristics.
  • Obtain educational and occupational information to aid career and educational planning which helps students understand the workplace.
  • Tailor academic programs and experiential opportunities that optimize future educational and employment options.
  • Take responsibility for developing career decisions, graduate/professional school plans, employment plans, and/or job‐search competencies.
  • Prepare to find suitable employment by developing job‐search skills, effective presentations skills, and an understanding of the fit between their skill set and occupational/job requirements.
  • Gain experience through student activities, service learning, and research projects.
  • Link with alumni, employers, professional organizations, and others who provide opportunities to develop interests and competencies
  • Integrate academic learning with work, and explore future career possibilities.
  • Use technology to enhance the career development process.
  • Seek a desired employment opportunity or entry into an appropriate educational, graduate, or professional program.
  • Prepare to manage their careers after graduation.

Additionally, the following informational links offer possible avenues for continuing their education in either professional or graduate school, as well as career opportunities.

For more information about Career Services, please contact