Rosemary Effiong, PhD

Rosemary Effiong, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Phone: (916) 378-3568

Education and Postdoctoral Training

  • PhD in Analytical Chemistry, University of New Orleans
  • M.S. in Analytical Chemistry, University of New Orleans
  • BS (honors) in Biochemistry, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria


Dr. Effiong’s believes in keeping Chemistry interesting through research. Her research effort is geared towards identifying and quantifying PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) in sea food – primarily oysters. This class of organic compounds are abundant in rivers, estuaries and soil sediments especially if petrochemical industries are in close proximity or they can be found in debris from forest fires. Elevated levels of PAH content in sea food may have health implications to consumers of such sea food. Students’ involvement comprise sample sorting, preparation and analysis. The preliminary results indicate trace levels of PAHs in the samples. Dr. Effiong is also interested in Chemical Education. As a faculty member at the University of Tennessee, Martin (UTMartin), she received funding (NSF - MSP) for her grant proposal (ICAP – Institute for Chemistry & Physics). The ICAP Project explored ways of improving middle school student achievement in the sciences through enhancing teacher education.

Dr. Effiong has an extensive teaching career that spans over two decades. Although her previous faculty positions were in Departments of Chemistry, she embraces the uniquely broad (and diverse) interdisciplinary approach (curriculum) that the College of Health Sciences has to offer her undergraduates. She hopes that the unique platform will foster a collaborative teaching/research relationships with colleagues in other disciplines.

In order to seek external funding for projects, Dr. Effiong has the experience in writing successful grant proposals. She intends to continue in seeking outside funding for her projects as well as enhancing the teaching capabilities in CNSU’s College of Health Sciences.

Our University’s presence in the community is important. Dr. Effiong is an advocate for community service. She has a robust record of community service. Her pet Project – “Helping Hands” involves student participants in helping people in the community with activities like food drive, blood drive, health fair etc. She also organizes science demonstrations that showcase Science as a viable fun career.