Tedla Dadi, PhD

Tedla Dadi, PhD

Adjunct Instructor of Human Physiology

Phone: (916) 686-8378 x9266

Education and Postdoctoral Training

  • Postdoctoral Training in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine at University of California California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Center for Comparative Medicine, School of Medicine – Davis
  • PhD in Comparative Pathology at University of California Center for Comparative Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine – Davis
  • MS in Biotechnology at Centro de Biología Molecular “Severo Ochoa”, Universidad – Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
  • DVM in Veterinary Medicine, Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria, Universidad – Agraria de La Habana, Cuba
  • Diploma of Animal Health at School for Animal Health Assistant – Debre Zeit, Ethiopia


I moved to USA and joined the University of California, Davis and earned my PhD in Comparative Pathology. My researches mainly focused on the early molecular and cellular events that effect and regulate genetic reprogramming (cloning) of the nucleus of adult somatic cells and published several studies on this area. As a result, this earned me a postdoctoral training grant from California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) stem cell training program at UC Davis. My postdoctoral research focused on establishing the principle of developing safe and effective individualized or patient-specific stem cell therapy for regenerative medicine. During these periods (pre- and post-doctoral), I was engaged in teaching reproductive physiology and developmental biology classes, training, and advising undergraduate and graduate students.

I provide interactive, student-centered learning environment organized so that students are comfortable and feel safe. I integrate cutting-edge technologies and research innovations. I earned very good professional experiences and lab skills in manipulating embryos and embryonic stem cells and progenitor/stem cells culture, IVF, and cloning. From my Veterinary medicine training, I acquired very good skills of surgery in small and large animals and dissection of cadavers in different animals including human. Engagements in teaching, training, tutoring and supervising technical staffs, undergraduate and graduate students gave me a wide opportunity to interact with diverse society from different culture and religious background. These earned me good experiences how to understand and deal with diverse staff and student population to motivate students to learn technological advances and blend research innovations in the field of biological sciences. Besides, I am bilingual and I have administrative experiences in facilitating students learning by creating class-environment that promotes academic rigor, fosters instructional innovation, and provides comprehensive support services to students.